Recent up-date from Waterdrive, 13th November 2020


Recent up-date from Waterdrive, 13th November 2020

Smart water management is a cross-sector responsibility and nothing else. Our present isolation working distant from colleagues is not only a barrier to do real cross-sector impact driven work but also frustrating on a pure personal level. The cross-sector dialogue is at the heart of Waterdrive but easier said than done in the present circumstances.

However, Waterdrive team does what can be done without jeopardizing health. We keep on our good work and stand-up for smart cross-sector driven water management. We have Initiated digital meetings with friends and colleagues and we are working on!

Now, almost half-way into November we can inspire ourselves with three digital seminars acting as stepping stones in the work of WP3 and WP4.

Please, see more information below and keep safe!

  • WP3 team is inviting for workshop session, which will be held at November 13, 2020 and November 18, 2020. Workshops will discuss tools and methods whic would facilitate doing the right thing at the right place and to advance spatial planning for holistic water management. (Ainis Lagzdins, [email protected]; Katarina Kyllmar, [email protected], Mats Söderström, [email protected], Sirkka Tattari, [email protected] ). Full workshop program you can find in e-mail attachment.

Workshop 1 “From control to management – doing the right thing at the right place”.

Friday, November 13, 9:00 – 12:00 CET

Zoom link:

Meeting ID: 835 8590 1002

Passcode: 700557

Workshop 2 “From farm level to catchment level – spatial planning for holistic water management”

Wednesday, November 18, 9:00 – 12:00 CET

Zoom link:

 Meeting ID: 875 8074 0669

Passcode: 297909

  • WP4 seminar on result-based payments will be organized on-line November 25, 2020, 10-12 CET. (Kaja Peterson,  [email protected]).
  • Successful WP2 workshop “From plans to action in the case areas – Practical implementation of measures and investments” was held with objective to discuss practical implementation – and investment plans in Waterdrive case areas. Progress of the case area activities was presented and discussed. Materials available on Sharepoint, WP2.
  • New innitiative of Waterdrive PCT started in October with aim – building of stronger communication bonds within project team. Waterdrive country teams are invited to take part in PCT meetings for updating particular country news from Waterdrive perspective, as well as to be present in the PCT process. Danish and Polish teams already experienced participation in PCT. Finnish partners’ team is prepaing to take part in next PCT, November 23.
  • Work on water management National Scenario development process has been started by PCT. Every partner will be invited to participate and to discover, how attitude of the different stakeholder groups in partner country towards water management is changing. First workshop for working group planned for first week of December.