The Drainage Center of Southern Finland and KVVY Tutkimus Oy join forces for better water management in agriculture and urban environments in Finland


The Drainage Center of Southern Finland and KVVY Tutkimus Oy join forces for better water management in agriculture and urban environments in Finland

By Mia-Maria Koski, KVVY Tutkimus Oy

In the beginning of October 2020 The Drainage Center of Southern Finlandwas transferred from Proagria Southern Finland to KVVY Tutkimus Oy in business acquisition. All personnel of The Drainage Center of Southern Finland were transferred to KVVY Tutkimus Oy as existing employees.

-We have worked together with The Drainage Center of Southern Finlandin many projects over the years, and competence and know-how of their experts has made an impression on us. This transaction brings us completely new and important skill set, which allows us to serve our customers better and take more holistic view to their water management matters, Jukka Mattila, CEO of KVVY Tutkimus Oy comments.

-Transover of the actions of The Drainage Center of Southern Finlandto KVVY Tutkimus Oy is important and well considered step. This way we can ensure that Proagria South Finland’s customers have cost-effective and even more versatile services available also in the future, says ProAgria Southern Finland CEO Ari Toivonen. This transaction ensures drainage construction planning services in Southern Finland for the future years, and further fortifies KVVY Tutkimus Oy’s proficiency in agricultural and water environments.

Janne Pulkka, former CEO of The Drainage Center of Southern Finlandand current director of planning department of KVVY Tutkimus Oy, is pleased to be part of new organization. – Holistic water management consists of actions in the catchment area, ditches, lakes, and other water bodies. The intent of holistic water management is to negotiate between the demands of agriculture or urban structure and objectives of water and nature management to ensure the value of the land and sustainment of infrastructure. We aim to do this by e.g., basic drainage, local drainage, environmental water management, nature management and restoration of water bodies.

– Being part of KVVY Tutkimus Oy we now have even more expertise and diverse services to offer to our customers. With all this new range of services we can take holistic thinking of water management to completely new level, Pulkka says. -We are able to offer water management projects from start to finish in agricultural and urban environments. We take care of planning, measuring, executing, supervising, monitoring, and reporting of projects to ensure the outcome to satisfy the customer, environment and all interested parties. This is a great opportunity for us to work together with our new colleagues and customers to improve the state of the water bodies and water management in Finland.

KVVY Tutkimus oy is nearly 150-strong expert organization that offers environmental research at regional and national level. Annual turnover of KVVY Tutkimus Oy is over 10 million. Company offers extensive certified sampling services, diverse and comprehensive accredited laboratory analyses, and research, reporting and planning services, all under one roof. Clientele of KVVY Tutkimus Oy consists of cities and communities water plants and wastewater treatment plants, industry, food industry, public administration, and private citizens. KVVY Tutkimus Oy has service points in 7 cities and has laboratory in four of them.  

Company is solely owned by The Water Protection Association of the River Kokemäenjoki (Kokemäenjoen vesistön vesiensuojeluyhdistys – KVVY ry), and it is a social enterprise which profits are used in water and environmental protection. KVVY Tutkimus Oy is a member of The Association for Finnish Work and have The Key Flag Symbol and The Finnish Social Enterprise Mark issued by the association.