Waterdrive Web-based catalogue of agri-environmental measures is under development


Waterdrive Web-based catalogue of agri-environmental measures is under development

Waterdrive WP 3.1, Katarina Kyllmar, Research Group Leader, SLU

The output from group activity 3.1 is a web-based catalogue describing agri-environmental measures for retention of water, nutrients and sediments in the field-watercourse continuum. Focus is on edge of the field measures, but also other measures in the chain are included according to interest and expertise among partners. The website consists of a start-page and a list of the measures described. Each measure is described in individual pages but uniformly. To meet various levels of interest among end-users, each measure is described both shortly (1 page) and more elaborated (4 pages). The texts are also available as pamphlets in pdf-format. To find more information on the measures, links to resources as videos, reports and scientific papers are included. All accessibility requirements are meet in the website and the pdf-files. 

Responsibilities for the content is distributed among partners into expertise on single measures, economical aspects and end-user relevance. In agreement with WP 5.2, the short descriptions will be included in the Water management guideline. The website is located in the SLU website but will be accessible through the Participatory Toolbox in WP 2. A prototype of the website is running and 12 measures are described. The plan is to finalize the catalogue by end of June, 2021.

The catalogue of measures will consist of the following measures:

On the field

  • Subsurface application of manure
  • Nutrient application planning
  • Structural liming
  • Gypsum liming
  • Buffer zones along water courses

Drainage systems

  • Renovation of drainage systems
  • Controlled drainage

Field to stream

  • Subsurface flow constructed wetlands
  • Constructed wetlands
  • Two stage ditches


  • Reclamation of agricultural land
  • Flood plains

Figure 1. Renovation of malfunctioning drainage systems is one of the measures described. Illustration by Šaulys V., Bastienė N. Sausinimo sistemų naudojimas, priežiūra ir gedimų šalinimo būdai. Lietuvos žemės ūkio universiteto Vandens ūkio institutas: Vilainiai, 2007. 80