Waterdrive workshop “Result based payment schemes”


Waterdrive workshop “Result based payment schemes”

Waterdrive project held a policy workshop on result-based payment schemes in CAP on 23 November 2020. The workshop was inspired by the EC result-based payments network that promotes the sustainable and biodiversity conscious farming practices. During the webinar three cases of result-based payments were introduced. Ms Aveliina Helm, Associate professor of Tartu University, described the agri-environmental measures implemented in Estonia to maintain the biodiversity rich semi-natural grasslands. Also the fresh results of point system of habitat condition and basis of payments for landscape biodiversity elements – greenmeter ( Mr Patrick Crushell from Ireland introduced the agri-environmental measures of aquatic habitat conservation of an endangered species the Pearl Mussel. Ms Elisabeth Süssenbacher from the Austrian Ministry of Agriculture, Regions and Tourism shared the lessons learned from the implementation of result-based payments in the current RDP period and proposals for the upcoming CAP strategic plan. The webinar highlighted the challenges and benefits of result-based payments system (RBPS). The RBPS collects and provides the farmers and decision makers detailed ecological data at farm level, allotment level. Monitoring and control criteria form an important part of the system. The RBPS is usually a point-system and special biodiversity scorecards are utilised, which again form the basis for payments, that are premiums or top-ups to usual management measures. The speakers acknowledged that monetary compensation plays an important role in the adoption of the result-based payments, the availability of knowledge and professional advice to the farmers plays also a crucial role in motivating the farmers.

Workshop video available: Waterdrive policy workshop: result-based payments in CAP – YouTube 

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