Waterdrive WP 5 implementation process, status and plans for next 3 month (March 2021)


Waterdrive WP 5 implementation process, status and plans for next 3 month (March 2021)

Waterdrive WP 5, Katarzyna Izydorczyk, ERCE UNESCO

Activities in WP5 include work on: (5.1) the development of recommendations for water management in agricultural areas, (5.2) the preparation of educational materials, and (5.3) the analysis of opportunities for large-scale investments in water management.

Staffan Lund (SLU) presented the idea of a “Strategic Communication Plan”, which is one of the products of the project. The report will be a tool for a targeted dialogue with identified actors in order to adapt general recommendations. The Strategic Communication Plan will be based on the National Pathways reports, the preliminary results of which were presented by each country during the first day of the Waterdrive Partner Meeting.

The main principles and guidelines for the development of the financial pathway “Financing for linking water management, food productivity and rural development objectives” were proposed by Kaj Granholm (BSAG). Working on a financial pathway could be a way to change the thinking of stakeholders: “This is not only a cost; it is an investment”.

The progress of the educational materials was presented by Katarzyna Izydorczyk (ERCE). The work is focused on the analysis of the products arising in the different WPs. During the presentation, the main point was made that the outputs from WP2 and WP3 will be an important part of the training materials. It is also necessary to use the products linked to the analyses of the policy and financial mechanisms. In this aspect it is necessary to adapt the form to the target groups. Contact with AG leaders is planned to discuss the details of the presentation that will be used as educational materials.