Workshop “From plan to action” – first results from Waterdrive demonstration areas


Workshop “From plan to action” – first results from Waterdrive demonstration areas

Waterdrive demonstration sites.

Since spring 2019, project Waterdrive has worked closely together throughout the Baltic Sea area in 9 very different demonstration areas. The first outcomes from the work done in case areas recently was discussed during Waterdrive project workshop “From plan to action”.

Demonstration areas have been set up with very different challenges. From drought in Poland over management of a river plain in Latvia, to full-scale implementation of environmental measures in a Swedish municipality. Challenges that can only be solved through very close cooperation at all levels. Therefore, a number of local focus groups have been formed in the project. A cornerstone in the project is that complex challenges only can be solved jointly.

Despite the very different challenges, each demonstration area has provided valuable knowledge and experience exchange to the all.

You can see and read more about how the challenges are handled in the 9 demonstration areas:

  1. Working with drought solutions in Kutno County, Poland
  2. Protection of Natura Natura 2000 in Zuvintas Reserve, Lithuania
  3. Establishment of Constructed wetlands in Gurjevsk, Kaliningrad, Russia
  4. Establishment of constructed wetlands in Ljuga River, Leningrad, Russia (PPP-fil)
  5. Future environmental initiatives in the Pöltsamaa area in Estonia.
  6. Collective approach to river plain management of the River Svete, Jelgava in Latvia
  7. New drainage combined with environmental measures in River Povoonjoki og Karjalaiskylä in Finland 
  8. Full-scala implementation of environmental measures Västervik, Sweden (PDF-fil)
  9. The potential for drainage measures, wetland- and organic soil projects in the catchment area to Odense Fjord, Denmark

Follow the work here: