WP3 – Advancing new technologies and methods

WP3 – Advancing new technologies and methods

Lead: Ainis Lagzdins, Latvia University of Life Sciences and Technologies, LLU

If you are interested in agri-environment measures and their optimal location in the agricultural landscapes – this is the site. Here you find information about the multiple ecosystem impacts of commonly used measures, decision support system to optimize location and more about spatial planning and access to GIS information/maps. Learn more about the Waterdrive Catalogue of Measures, the new digital Waterdrive WaterGUIDE and Waterdrive Spatial Data and Planning Methods (storymap).

More explanatory texts concerning spatial planning and finding practical solutions are found on Homepage – Waterdrive (https://waterdrive.cdr.gov.pl). For educational purposes concerning water management, you are welcome to use the Waterdrive educational material found on Educational materials (waterdrive.pl).


3.1 Information on characteristics of new and innovative agri-environment measures – a guideline for local authorities, advisors and farmers.

Waterdrive Catalogue of Measures

3.2 Digital Multiscale Decision Support System – a new application for smartphones to optimize location of measures in agricultural landscapes.

3.3 Spatial planning to control risks with drought and flooding in downstream agricultural areas – a new framework for risk mitigation

Other outputs: