School for Farmers – an effective tool for communication with Farmers


School for Farmers – an effective tool for communication with Farmers

Ms.Ekaterina Vorobyeva  – Project manager

Taking into consideration COVID 19 limitations (for communication first of all), the Waterdrive project partner – Institute for Engineering and Environmental Problems in Agricultural Production – branch of Federal State Budgetary Scientific Institution “Federal Scientific Agroengineering Centre VIM” has been starting development of the on-line communication tool “School for farmers”. The main objective of the tool – to support active dialog with the target groups  in the on-line format. The first webinar was conducted in the beginning of 2021. The target groups of the schools are: farmers, authorities, municipalities, NGO, post-graduate students and students.  The institute has a significant experience in communication with abovementioned target groups. We have selected the FAQ questions regarding manure management, equipment for application of a manure, pollution load from the manure on an environment and other supplementary questions. The answers on the questions we provide in several formats:

– webinar with option to ask  question within the stream

– video for dissemination in the social networks

  • zoom-meeting

– off-line events on the open air for the public and NGO for dissemination information about environmental issues of agriculture. The project experts are the key experts within the “School for farmer”. We prepare the content, invite the participants, prepare dissemination materials and additional visibility actions for attracting the attention of the target groups.