WP 2 – Cross-sector implementation

WP 2 – Cross-sector implementation

Lead: Frank Bondgaard, SEGES

If you are interested in inspirational tools and methods for cross-sector local cooperation – this is the site. Increased financing to local level joint-action is one of the strategic opportunities to enhance water management and reaching multiple sustainability targets in rural areas. Learn more about local cooperation in the Waterdrive Participatory Toolbox, building trust in the Waterdrive Leadership Manual and the Waterdrive Catalogue of New Services, Catchment officers.

More explanatory texts concerning cross-sector local implementation, success stories and case areas are found on the Danish Waterdrive site Waterdrive (landbrugsinfo.dk) and more interactivity for finding practical solutions on the Polish Waterdrive site Homepage – Waterdrive (https://waterdrive.cdr.gov.pl). For educational purposes concerning water management, you are welcome to use the Waterdrive educational material found on Educational materials (waterdrive.pl) .

2.1 Reaching further together – a cross-sector participatory toolbox.

2.2 Building trust in cross-sector local water management – a leadership manual for practitioners.

2.3 New services for water management in agricultural landscapes – a catalogue of ideas and experiences.

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