WP4 – Adapting policies and financing

WP4 – Adapting policies and financing

Lead: Kaja Peterson, SEI Tallinn

If you are interested in policy development – this is the site. Here are the desk-studies and information from the policy dialogues in the case areas aggregated to draw conclusions on policy development. On this site, you find the main reports prepared that feeds into the strategic recommendations and national pathways presented under WP5. Learn more about Policy gaps- and bottlenecks, the Pilot cases on policy integration and Waterdrive interviews with farmers and local authorities. What are their priorities and understanding of what needs to be done? Please, find more policy related information under WP5 and for educational purposes concerning water management; you are welcome to use the Waterdrive educational material found on Educational materials (waterdrive.pl).


4.1 Policy gaps and bottlenecks for smarter water management in agricultural landscapes – report and policy briefs.

4.2 Pilot cases on policy integration, implementation and financing – policy briefs and case area reports.

4.3 Policy recommendations and strategies – targeted policy briefs and report.